NUVit process: Adaptive Networking

The NUVit process is an adaptive (flexible, step-by-step; capable of incorporation emerging needs and opportunities) process that will result in a network of practioneers, cases and tools to deal with the integration of infrastructure and spatial planning. In order to maximise the relevance of the NUVit output for key players the process in centred around the following ingredients.

Initiated from the problem owners perspective

NUVit is initiated by problem owners (such as road authorities) and knowledge suppliers (universities, consultants etc.) and lead to the understanding within that current practice can be improved significantly and has a firm vitality potential.

Practise driven: centred around cases

In order to keep the NUVit content close to the problem owner’s needs, knowledge exchange is centred around practical cases.

All scales covered

All scales are covered in NUVit. The relevance varies From the TEN-t  corridor level to  national network policy level, metropolitan regions and local issues.

Strategic stakeholder engagement

The NUVit topic has a wide European relevance. This implies there is a need to widen awareness, urgency and disseminate knowledge on a larger European scale. NUVit intents to link up with European frameworks, initiatives and partnerships such as CEDR, Polis, etc.

European engagement

Parallel to the previous process lines it is important NUVit is addressed on an European scale. Vital in this context  are several European infrastructure, spatial and innovation policies such as the TEN-t and Horizon 2020