Networking for Urban Vitality (NUVit) | Integrating Infrastructure and Spatial Planning

A major challenge is to realize more consistency in transport systems across different spatial scales – local, regional and (inter)national – and different modalities and to combine investments in multimodal infrastructure with urban development and vitality.
The NUVit approach aims to achieve a resilient and sustainable transport network including a better integration of urban nodes into TEN-T corridors. This will optimize accessibility, liveability and vitality in these urban areas.
Therefore several European organizations have initiated this NUVit approach for long-term international cooperation and knowledge exchange on multimodal infrastructure and urban development.


NUVit conference in Stockholm, 18 and 19 April 2017


Summary Report ‘International Conference Networking for Urban Vitality’
(Amsterdam, June 2016)


Networking for Urban Vitality (Rijkswaterstaat, December 2015)


Report ‘NUVit Seminar Borrowed Size’
(Brussels, September 2015)


TIILUP Scoping Study_dec2013-1
Rotterdam2Ruhr scoping study (Rijkswaterstaat, December 2013)


Transport Infrastructure Integrated with Land Use Planning_apr2013-1
Transport Infrastructure Integrated with Land Use (TIILUP) roadmap (FEHRL, April 2013)


Healty Urbanization_2012-1
Healthy Urbanization publication (Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment of the Netherlands, 2012)


Networking for Urban Vitality (NUVit) is an initiative which originates from the ‘Transport Infrastructure Integrated with Land Use’ (TIILUP) roadmap (FEHRL), the Rotterdam2Ruhr scoping study (Rijkswaterstaat, the Netherlands) and the Healthy Urbanization publication (Ministry of Infrastructure & the Environment, the Netherlands). NUVit is guided by an international core group of experts (infra-providers, authorities, knowledge institutes and consultants – see appendix) and is a platform in which knowledge concerning NUVit (Mobility, infrastructure networks, liveability and land use) is exchanged and embedded in practice.